Most of this campaign is a distraction…

I am voting YES to AV because it is better than FPTP.

No other considerations matter.

  • Ignore the politicians, they are out for themselves.
  • Ignore the cost, the difference (if it exists) is insignificant compared to the money those voted for get to apportion.
  • Ignore your opinion of the coalition, they are only around for a few more years.
  • Ignore the risk of coalitions, they only come about because we now have a three party system.
  • Ignore which other countries do or do not have AV or FPTP, the question is what is best for the UK.
  • Ignore the risk of extremists, people will vote how they want to vote, it is not your job to decide if they have made a bad choice.
  • Remember, the winner always wins, the system that determines the winner is different.

Please vote based on which voting system is a better voting system, because the choice will probably be with us for decades, long after the current coalition is gone, and it is unlikely we will get to vote on the issue again in our lifetimes.

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