Is AV too unpopular to be our voting system?

The NO campaign note that AV has only been adopted in a few other countries – Ireland, Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea – for national elections. What they fail to point out is that FPTP is disappearing across the world; many countries are reforming their electoral systems, including those created by national break-ups, and not many are going for FPTP. While AV itself may not be very prevalent, preferential voting, of which AV is an example, is gathering pace, with a surprisingly large number having full proportional representation.

Here’s the map of voting systems globally; countries shaded red uses our failing system, black is undemocratic, and all the other colours are proportional or preferential systems:

Map of world voting systems


But why should we care about the rest of the world, anyway? As Ian Hislop has said:

A majority of the people in the world are starving; it doesn’t mean starving is the best or most wanted option.

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